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Hi everybody,

Thank you for coming to our website.  My husband and I were in the travel business a few years ago working for a major vacation supplier.  Together we have almost 15 years of travel career experience. In fact, that is how we met.  We have been together, for 15 years now and have 2 amazing sons.  Everyone who loves their children wants them to be able to look back on when they were young and say, “We had a great childhood”.   When our oldest son was born, we agreed that we would try to do everything we could to make his childhood a memorable one. When our youngest son was born, 1 ½ years later, of course we promised ourselves the same thing.   

As you know, it can be very expensive to give them memorable vacations. We are here as a resource to help you book a family vacation without breaking the bank.  We decided to venture into our own online travel agency because the company that we worked for is no longer around. They used to sell vacation pacakages to travel agencies and people are booking their vacations online these days. This is mainly for the convenience and the amount of research that is available on the internet. That is the only way I book our vacations. WHO HAS TIME TO GO TO A TRAVEL AGENT? We enjoyed being part of the industry so much that we decided to work our way back into the travel business. We simply love to get away, try new things, and visit new areas. We know there are many others out there just like us and our experiences and knowledge can help them create vacation memories and save money too.  We hope you find our website easy to navigate.  If there are any questions you might have we are here to help. If you have a suggestion that you think would make our website better, we are always open to new ideas.  Please feel free to contact us.  We hope that you book with us, and wherever your travels may take you, stay safe.
Thank You.

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